We don’t just want people who are talented at their craft. We want people who know how to teach others and engage with others. Our vetting process includes reviewing previous work and references. We also interview guides and have them conduct short sessions for our team as well.

Please do! Open to all suggestions. Email hello@seshie.io

Subscription packages give you access to more guides and exclusive guides as well. You also have the ability to admit more people into Zoom sessions.

These are designed to be beneficial for your team and organization. We suggest having multiple seshies to satisfy the entire team if there’s more interest than what is permitted for admittance. For example, you can have your marketing department do a seshie one time, then other departments.

YES! This is what our free version is for. We have tons of great guides there.

A cool way of describing a “session”.
In a few ways. First of all, our guides suggest to you and your team have the session recorded in case there are any disputes. Once the transaction is complete they will delete the recording from their possession. If you don’t wan’t the session recorded that’s ok as well. Money is in escrow and you must approve of the session being complete before it’s transferred. If you have any issues please feel free to email hello@seshie.io as well. We take all disputes very seriously and will investigate matters to the best of our ability.
Please sign up on our homepage. Or email hello@seshie.io
Your seshie guide will tell you what materials or resources are needed beforehand including Zoom link information. Please feel free to email hello@seshie.io if you have any additional questions.

Seshie is for teams, organizations and companies of all sizes!

Yes it can! Make sure to request it from the guide to see if that’s possible! Teams love to edit the video content and share amongst team members to relive fun memories.