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Seshie curates live, interactive & virtual workshops for HR & People Ops professionals to experience in a group. Based on data & insights we group talent together and create a program of seshies that focuses on leadership, interpersonal skills & well-being. Seshie also provides assessments organizations to measure impact. Research and studies show the effectiveness of learning as a group and being able to practice newly taught skills with one another. There’s typically 10-12 participants per group.

We have two packages.

$70/participant/month billed annually. This is for 6 seshies/year.

$125/participant/month billed annually. This is for 12 seshies/year.

Schools and organizations can contact us directly if interested for a large group.

A Seshie (short for session) is a live, interactive and virtual workshop designed for talent to
learn about new topics as well as interact with one another. Seshies are typically 75 minutes
led by vetted high-performance coaches, experts and facilitators who have conducted workshops for executives at Google, Comcast, Microsoft, Walmart & more. Our team works with experts to follow our specific research-backed micro-learning format which allows for participants to learn and practice real skills.

Our mission is to help early talent experience modern-day topics impacting them today. We have
seshies in the following categories: Personal Development, Professional Development, Leadership & Well-Being.
Seshies range from: “Dealing With Stress & Anxiety”, “Preparing for Difficult Conversations”, “Becoming an Authentic Leader”, “How to Handle Distraction” and much more. We are constantly onboarding new Seshie partners to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world currently. If you have suggestions for seshies we’ll source, vet and onboard partners that can conduct them on our platform.

We have a team of experienced Learning & Development professionals that source, interview
and onboard all Seshie partners. Joining our network is a privilege that we take very seriously.
Our team also does rigorous reference and background checks of Seshie partners before allowing them to
create a profile on our platform. All Seshie partners conduct seshies internally for feedback and assessment. 

Currently all seshies are virtual.

All of our seshies are live. We have a Seshie Video Library accessible to all participants. These are 5-minute videos of key takeaways from a particular seshie. 

Seshie works with all vendors to develop a “seshie”. We have our own unique research-backed format developed by our team that all Seshie facilitators must follow. Seshies allow for a maximum of 12 participants which fosters an interactive & engaging online experience for all involved. Participants can take assessments and then we’re able to curate and suggest the most relevant and impactful seshies for them.  The modern-day workforce is looking to bring in leaders and emotionally intelligent individuals and Seshie provides experiences that explore modern day topics. Seshie provides a certificate of completion to enhance your prospects for both.

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